The processes are automated, which increases productivity and also the quality of our services.

We process all types of high-quality thermoplastics, ranging from basic thermoplastic products to more demanding ones that are added some colourants if necessary.

Furthermore, we work with high-end technology in the area of measurements and the quality, which is checked on measuring and controlling instruments.

Along with traditional moulding, we offer a range of other services such as lacquer coating, galvanisation, printing (thermal, pad screen and laser printing), semi-products assembly and tool development.


Clamping force
Product weight

We work with 24 automated moulding machines, some of them with additional equipment, which are adapted to customer’s requirements

Clamping force

Machines have different clamping forces, ranging from 50 to 400 t.


To ensure further automation and optimization of processes, we use the Sepro and Wittmann robots as well as robotic belts and separators.

Product weight

Our machines allow a wide range of plastic products manufacture, with items weighing from 0.5 g to 1.5 kg.


Each of our products goes through all types of quality assessment processes. Every assessment of quality is carried out in our Quality Control Department with the help of state-of-the-art technology and qualified in-house staff.

Every assessment is carried out in line with methods such as: SPC, CP and CPK.

A 100% visual control over products is provided during the moulding process. During the process control, all measurement are carried out in line with the operating control, and marked in the GAUSS programme.

Upon customer’s demand, we perform a 100% of product adequacy by using dedicated measuring devices. Through sustainability tests, we test the suitability of mass consumption products.

We also grant the input control during which all received products are checked as per a predetermined AQL pattern. Prior to shipment, the input control, the packing control and the transport control are carried out.

100 % control

We provide 100% product control.

Details are important

Measurements and controls are carried out in all phases of the process

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