MPT d.o.o. acquired the AAA Certificate of excellence

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This year, MPT d.o.o. acquired a certificate of excellence. The certificate was awarded by the Bisnode credit rating agency, which operates in an international financial analysis project in 19 European countries.

By acquiring the certificate of excellence, MPT d.o.o. stands among the top 1.98% Slovenian legal entities ranked in the highest AAA category.

Out of 161,366 companies registered in 2015, only 3,199 were granted AAA certificates.

In Slovenia, there are 552 companies registered in our main area of business (C 22.290 Manufacture of other plastic products), yet only 43 achieve the AAA international standards of excellence.

The credit worthiness certificate is a recognised European reference for companies whose financial management allows easier and faster decision making with less risk for business. The certificate is granted to the best companies which show key differential advantages in their operations, therefore representing the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entities.


Below is the list of all companies awarded who were credit worthiness certificates; MPT d.o.o is also included, having been awarded the AAA Certificate of excellence. companies/