Social responsibility

Social responsibility is an important part of our business operations and efficiency. Its main guidelines are ethical business operations and top-quality products.  Besides successful operation, our company is engaged in many activities that benefit everyone we come in contact with in our line of business.

We are proud to have received the award for the most socially responsible company in the region, which was granted by the Intertek company.

This shows that we take care of our employees and create a pleasant and safe workplace. We also support, encourage and sponsor organizations; respect international and national standards of nature, social environment, human rights and other ethical aspects; and treat our partners and suppliers fairly.

Charity and donations

Our focus on sustainable development, and, at the same time, on needs emerging within the society, bring even more success for the company. Through sponsorships and donations, we support numerous sports, cultural, educational and humanitarian projects.

We sponsor various shows, events, activities, clubs, sports activities and educational projects, such as: Gorenje Handball Club, Šmartno ob Paki cultural society, Beli Zajec ski club, Vid humanitarian institution, Šmartno ob Paki, helping the flood victims, Pust Mozirski event, Triglav Hockey club and many others.

For years, we have been helping the wider community in achieving different objectives and greater quality of life. We consider sponsorships and donations our duty, which we take on with pleasure and pride.


Knowledge is power!

Since our company firmly believes in the power of knowledge, we take great care of employee education.

In order to attract new experts, we offer a range of scholarships. As we believe in the power of knowledge, we increasingly invest in young people and their skills. By providing further training for our employees in their respective fields, we help them improve both personal as well as professional skills. The company grants scholarships to high-school and university students in the fields of thermoplastics, mechanical engineering and economics.

Our employees are further trained in leadership and personal development, modern information technology, and quality. The competitive environment requires constant improvements and regular development in many fields. Through additional education and trainings for our employees, we are able to tackle challenges of the modern era and global competition.

Care for the environment

We show our care for and protect the environment at all levels of operation. We are committed to follow the environmental regulations and provisions on waste separation and disposal and possibilities of recycling. By introducing clean technology, the company takes care for the reduction of energy use, emissions and waste material by optimising the processing activities and production.

We raise employee awareness about environmental protection, which improves broader social responsibility. We also raise employee awareness about the safe and healthy workplace that does not leave an excessive footprint on the environment.

Despite the intensive production growth, we are committed to follow the sustainable development guidelines and showing care for the environment.

Care for the employees

We are aware that employees are important for our company. This is why our activities are oriented towards their health and satisfaction.

Together, we build a circle of trust, mutually effective cooperation and learning.

As social gatherings are a vital part of company’s culture, we organize sports activities, trips, and New Year celebrations, where employees can relax and socialize.